An orthodontic procedure where bands are fit and cemented into your back molars. The band, with orthodontic attachments welded or soldered to it, serves to secure the attachments to a tooth.

An orthodontic procedure where brackets are cemented to your teeth. The bracket is used for the purpose of engaging an archwire.

Cephalometric Radiograph
This radiograph of your head is used to examine the positions and growth patterns of your face, jaws, and teeth.

The treatment plan will be discussed and decisions about your treatment will be made.

The removal of cemented orthodontic bands from your teeth.

The removal of cemented orthodontic brackets from your mouth.

Impressions are molds of your teeth that are used to examine and diagnose your orthodontic problems. The impressions are made by biting down into a soft, toothpaste-like material which will harden in a few seconds.

Initial Exam
The initial meeting with Dr. Johnson where he will thoroughly examine your mouth and formulate a possible treatment plan for your specific orthodontic needs.

An orthodontic procedure of engaging an archwire in your orthodontic brackets. Once the archwire is placed, the force will begin to move your teeth into their correct positions.

Panoramic Radiograph
A panoramic image of your teeth allows Dr. Johnson to better determine the best treatment course for each patient. The panoramic radiograph allows Dr. Johnson to capture a single, complete detailed image of your teeth, jaws, jaw joints, and nasal area. It enables him to detect certain problems like bone anomalies, impacted teeth, oral cancer, infections, and fractures.